Finding The Best Microwaves To Your Kitchen

Lots of microwaves come out modern functions than the previous ones with the heating feature only. You could roast a turkey or bake many veggies with shorter time without much hassle nowadays.

The key target is finding the best microwaves from tons of products in the current market to your kitchen right away. Keep tack on your homework before starting the trip by keep on reading the article right now.

The best microwaves in the current market to keep an eye

1. Rapid Ramen Cooker – Microwave Instant Ramen

Do you want to have a ramen bowl in just a few minutes without complex cooking in the kitchen? If yes, then you should keep an eye on the Rapid Ramen Cooker Microwave.

Ramen noodles are assumed one of the fastest meal for the college students to cook, but the cooking process might be longer than you think.

You will take 6 minutes to boil water and 6 minutes to cook the noodles. With the Rapid Ramen Cooker Microwave, you will cut down the cooking time in a half, and the microwave might help you the task.

The main material of the oven is the plastic, so you do not afraid about the toxic chemicals anymore. On the one hand, you are able to heat up other kinds of foods in the microwave such as leftover pastas, tofu, rice, oatmeal, lasagna, soups, etc.


  • The microwave oven has one – year guaranty limited.
  • The product could be reusable
  • It is helpful for those who live in the dormitory
  • It is easy for cooking the ramen noodles


  • The plastic material is quite thick, so the microwave could not be endurable for a while
  • The price is quite expensive

2. Panasonic NN –SD745S Countertop Microwave with Inverter Technology

Panasonic NN – SD745S Countertop is made from the 1.6 cu ft. steel stainless material to build the sturdiness for the overall structure.

The microwave also has the Inverter technology – a reliable technology that invented from the Panasonic only. Thus, you always have many delicious and perfect meals.

With the Panasonic NN – SD745S, you do not need to worry about the cool center and the overcooked in the edges anymore.

The 18 Preset Auto Cook Menu Items and the One-Touch Genius Sensor Cook – Reheat features will help you change and switch the levels for your dishes easily and clearly.

With full of above features, this is one of the best microwaves to take into account in your next shot.


  • The microwave has high cooking capacity due to the strong power (1250 Watts).
  • It is very easy to use as it has a Chrome dial with 9 menu buttons included.
  • The microwave and the door operation are quiet while running
  • The Inverter technology perfectly works


  • The houses part of the cord are quite complex and bent
  • The set times is not durable for a while

3. Magic Chef 1.6 cu ft. Countertop Microwave

Magic Chef 1.6 cu ft. Countertop Microwave has the 6 pre – programmed features, one - touch cooking menus, and the 3 auto-defrost options, your cooking process will be narrowed shorter than the normal method.

You do not concern about adding more toxic chemicals in your dishes while preparing the diet because the microwave is inbuilt from the stainless steel to prevent the corrosion, and the device is also strong enough to prevent the harsh condition.

It has 10 power levels to meet your cooking requirements in every food that you might not think it happens, and the interior has 10 kinds of 10 plates to support you put the food in the oven.

Magic Chef 1.6 cu ft. Countertop Microwave is also rated one of the best microwaves in the recent market due to its unique and helpful features.


  • The oven has a kitchen timer to offer you control the cooking time in the oven
  • It has a well – constructed structure
  • The power is strong
  • The shipping time is quick


  • The microwave has a little bit difficult to get lush in the wall
  • The set times is not durable for a while

4. Samsung MS11K3000AS 1.1 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave Oven

Samsung MS11K3000AS could get the oil out of the inside surface and protect the potential scratch that impacts on the daily use. The vapor-sensing technology will provide you switch and change the heat and the time levels for finest consequences.

With the dial panel, you also control the buttons – increase or reduce the cooking time in the microwave easily which add more benefit and exactness. What’s more, it has the LED blue display screen to develop the lucidity and the style in your kitchen.


  • The microwave is lightweight to move to new position easily
  • It has a lavish model because of the ceramic enamel interior
  • It does not have a glass front door to observe the food while running
  • It could warm up your foods


  • It is noisy when starting the process
  • It does not have a timer set to handle

4. Oster OGZD11012 1000-Watts Digital Microwave Oven

Oster OGZD11012 has total 10 power levels, you will get a frankly cooking experience with different receipts. The microwave features a timer setting and the digital panel to let you manage the cooking time inside the product brilliantly.

Additionally, the large button on the door will let you open and change your food without much hassle.

Pay attention to the 6 cooking functions and 6 pre – set options such as the Popcorn, the Potato (fried), the Pizza, the Beverage, the Frozen dinner and the Re-heat begin to match to your dishes.


  • The microwave is easy to set up and use
  • It is available for nuclear family usage and college students
  • It has an ideal size
  • The power is quite high (1000 watts)


  • The numbers in the keypad need to be bigger

Some criteria to look for finding the best microwaves to help you reduce the cooking time promptly

The general features

A microwave has some popular features such as the cooking time, the defrost function, the timer setting, and the power level. Though each of them requires the setting up instantly, you would not get stuff in the operating.

Additionally, most of the microwaves have the digital display panel with one rotating carousel to circle your food was heated.

The wattage capacity

The wattage capacity also refers the quality of the microwave. With high wattage, your food will be heated and cooked smoother and easier.

Most of the ovens range from 600 to 1200 watts in general. Expensive ones will increase the higher wattage, so the wattage capacity also impacts on your cooking performance.

The technology

Technology might describe the quality of one oven that you should keep an eye when purchasing. It will refer the cooking levels in the oven that ought to control the inside things – cooked or uncooked quite well.

Some recent ovens are also inbuilt the Inverter technology to allow you perform different dishes in your menus like poaching a salmon or make a fleecy omelet, etc.

The turntable

With a turntable or a resolving glass plate, your foods will be heated automatically around edges and shapes.

If the microwave does not have it, you will have to stop the process all the time to adjust the edge of the food to make certain they are cooked by hand.

Mid and full – size microwaves often have the turntable and latest models also reach the rectangular trays to slide forth and back.

The automatic settings

Some microwaves have the default settings to cook for specific dishes that refers in the control panel.

The popcorn button will have a popcorn bag resembles a real one in the cinema, for example. Some microwaves also have popular settings like the baked potato, beverage, diner and reheat, the pizza, etc.

Moreover, you should pay more attention to the cooking information for your dishes in the microwaves to ensure you will match a perfect game between your food and the microwave function.

The interlocks

For those who have children at home, you might give a big thank to the producer with the interlocks in the microwaves.

They will lock the front door while running the cooking process to prevent the burning and other possible accidents might visit your kids and you in the kitchen.

With the locking system, if one lock gets stuff, then the others will work well to protect your family members.

The extra functions

Believe or not, some microwaves are also inbuilt the advanced features, especially in the new versions nowadays.

Higher – end versions have more settings beside the heating technologies and other warm – up food features only.

Some products have the moisture sensor to keep cool for your food while running the cooking process in the oven while others might have the blue LED lighting inside the microwaves.

With higher expensive ovens, they will upgrade the smart platforms which they could connect to the users through accessing the Internet. Thus, you ought to handle the oven and other devices far away from your home without accident causing.

The GE Appliances in your smart devices could start and control the light and fan under the oven without much hassle. They will open all of the features of the oven automatically once you open a burner through your smart tools only.

The main categories of the microwaves

Like other kitchen items, microwaves also have different kinds of ovens to apply and help you smooth your cooking time – grill, heat, bake, etc. On the flip side, you will save the energy to use a microwave as new generation ones have the powerful wattage to run faster.

Generally, microwaves have three core kinds in the current market that you may come across in your next picking – solo microwave oven, grill microwave oven, and convection microwave oven.

Solo microwave oven

These ovens are used with extra grilling accessories which are ideal for those who fall in love with the grill food like Paneer or other grilling veggies.

Grilling and normal microwave features are also built in the grill microwave oven, and you totally use them to help you in every type of food. Grill, toast or roast are one of the most common functions in the grill one due to the heating coils.

Convection microwave oven

These ones are the latest microwave ovens with a fan to circulate the hot air to make the cooking time and the baking time are faster.

Therefore, you could use the convection microwave oven for baking instead of using other ovens. What’s more, you might grill the food in this microwave to save your budget and the energy source.


It is not a daunting task to select the best microwaves like other household items after learning some above points. In our point of view, Panasonic NN – SD745S Countertop is the best choice with the Inverter technology to upgrade your cooking quality in the kitchen, and it is also endurable for a while.

Moreover, your kitchen has been updated the lavish style thanks to the Panasonic NN – SD745S Countertop with eye – catching design. Therefore, you should not postpone the time to reach them as quickly as you can.