How To Use The Microwaves To Prevent The Possible Accidents

Do you know that microwave oven manufacturers have to obey the safety regulations and basic standards from the FDA organization? The regulations and the standards of FDA were created and enhanced to protect the public health and save the environment. As a smart consumer, you also could recognize how to use the microwave securely to keep the possible accidents away from others and you as well as boost the durability.

In general, the microwaves are not dangerous products if you understand how to use it well and the working process. However, some users are not lucked to get the accidents from the microwaves like the burn accidents and other radiation issues. Therefore, you should meet the safety requirements while using the microwaves because this is what you are paying for the precious price – your whole life.

Know how the microwaves work

To start the working, microwaves have to use the electromagnetic radiation to quiver the water molecules and these vibrations will increase the heat to cook the foods.

Additionally, the waves are made by a vacuum pie in the oven which is called magnetron. They are bounced back in the oven’s metal interior which could pass some materials like the glass, the paper, and the plastic, and are soaked up by foods.

Though microwaves have the radiation, these radiations rays are a type of non-ionizing to risk to our health like X – rays or other ionizing rays. Ionizing radiation is a dynamic kind of radiation ray which it might destroy the human cells.

An overview of the damages from the microwaves

Most of the damages of the microwaves come to the heating – burn accidents like the hot containers, overheated foods or blown up liquids. Most of the injuries are not related to the radiation rays for the users when using the microwaves. In other words, there have been infrequent situations of the radiation wound because of uncommon circumstances or inappropriate qualities.

In fact, these radiation injuries are brought from a huge amount of the radiation leaking in the microwave through the opening distance of the microwave seals.

Nonetheless, the FDA standards and regulations are made to prevent the possible happens which radiation leaking minimize the level. Thus, microwave manufactures have to meet their requirements before producing other ovens.

Use the microwaves safely in your home which means you are rescuing everyone

Follow the instructions

Manufacturer directions in the catalogue product offer operating processes as well as the safety precautions for the consumers.

You should not start the microwaves when they are empty in the interior as they could explode, for example. Or you could not use the metal plates to contain your food while beginning the procedure because it could blow up and get burn.

Do not forget to use the microwave - secure containers

The microwave – safe containers are the products that do not have the metal or the aluminum foil might cause the uncooked food and damage the oven as well.

On the one hand, you should not use the plastic containers as the heated food ought to lead to melting. The FDA organization recommends us use the glass, the ceramic, the plastic containers and other items which are labeled for microwaves only.

Evade high - temperature water

The high - temperature water does not mean the water is boiled, so if you use the microwaves to heat the water, you will have a slight disruption or movement might happen the exploding out of the containers.

What’s more, you might add more ingredients like instant coffee or sugar to water before heating as it will reduce the risk of super – heated water. Do not forget to read the manufacturer's heating guidelines.

Pay attention to the leakage

The leakage might cause the radiation if the door hinges, the latch or seals are harmed so you should draw attention to these positions in the microwaves regularly. Moreover, you should stop using the microwave if the door could not totally close, bent or damaged as well.

Do not use the microwave when opening the door

Once you recognize the ovens seems to operate, you should not use the microwave because you might be damaged from the radiation from the oven.

Use the interlocks

The interlocks have two benefits – protect the users from getting burn and prevent the radiation rays when the leakage appearing. On the flip side, the interlocks could stop the magnetron which creates the microwave structure.

Use an extra cover to wrap the food

Once you cook or heat the food only, you need to use an extra cover to wrap the food to block out the food smell, diminish splashing and the potential bacteria in the upcoming time in the microwave interior.

Arrange the food position in the microwave when starting the cooking time

With the thickest parts, you should put them in the walls directly like broccolis. Moreover, you could arrange the same sizes and shapes of food in one position like sweet potatoes.

Additionally, you should divide these foods have an appropriate space without having other products between them.

Do not cook the recipes which contain much water in the microwaves

You think that you totally put the foods that have much water to the microwaves to cook them such as instant noodles, ramen, pasta, etc. Think it again, because the microwaves could not undertake this mission well.

Change your cooking method like the stove - top to have a better instant meal without throwing them away and waste the source.


Hundreds of users often pay no attention to the safety guidelines when using the microwaves just because they are lucky to escape the potential accidents which come out their microwaves. It is obviously not a daunting task to use the microwave as this is one of the most popular household products in our kitchen nowadays.

However, this would be an awkward issue if you ignore the safety requirements when using the microwaves. Eventually, following the instructions from the manufacturers, and you will not have a big excuse in the upcoming time.


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